What If? (Pts 3 & 4 of 4)


But what if . . .

What if we fell 2 our knees (at the mouth a dry river bed)
With beads thru our fingers thread
And songs, prayers, and mantras en our throats?

What if we did not waver?
What if we stood firm and chose sovereignty over fear?

What if WE waged war against the chicken hawks and scarcity mongers?
What if we, beneath the weight of their life-negating dogma,
Chose 2 bend and not break

What if we loved our neighbors 2 a fault?
What if we found gold where it is never sought?

What if we washed away the blood?
What if we lifted the stain (from our ledgers)?
What if we worked tirelessly 2 keep our hands clean?

What if . . .

What if we refused 2 be their bond servants?
What if we refused 2 keep their powder dry?
What if we refused 2 pilot their planes?

What if we shouldered the pillars of Compassion and Love?
What if we shouldered the excellence of Mount Meru
With a greater knowledge of who and what we are?

What if we dreamt of a diamond cipher,
Put ink 2 rice paper, and reaped a golden age
En seven strokes of the quill?

What if we marshalled our reason, passion, and will
And drew water (from the mouth of a dry river bed)?
What if we crowned Love, master and king?


Let them come
Let them slip unseen from the City of the Dead

Their long knives will march
And their wagging tongues will lie

Let them come
Let them slip unseen from the darkness

We will meet them at the mouth of a powerful river

W/ butter and bread
And heated wine

Let them come
Let them slip unseen ento our open arms

We will see to their wounds
We will comb and braid their hair

We will not cower from forgiveness
We will not lie en wait for rareified aire

We will meet them at the gates of a new and prosperous city

We will meet them en the most uncommon Light
And our hearts will take flight

We will meet them
And be their Sisters

We will meet them
And be their Brothers

We will meet them
And be their Fathers

We will meet them
And be their Mothers

© LogosVox 2014


What If? (Pts. 1&2 of 4)


Once admired,
Even fiercely adored

Their balefyre of hope
(At present a prophet of doom)
Is rolled out

Standing atop his broken dais,
He is true 2 form

2 the letter of the ghost script, he sticks!
And does as he is told

Ev’ry bat of the eye
Ev’ry contortion of the jaw

Ev’ry shrug
Ev’ry sanctimonious facial tic


So it is,
Eye see

They have doubled their efforts
2 enfect a war weary populace
W/ (even more) mistrust, anxiety, and fear

Fear of being too big
Fear of not being big enough

Fear of speaking plainly
Fear of thinking simply

Fear of virtue
Fear of picket fences

Fear of Martha (marveling upon a stone rolled away)
Fear of Mary’s jar (a gift 4 the gardener and groom)

Fear of giving too much
And keeping too little

Fear of gain
Fear of loss

Fear of the dewdrop en the rose

Fear of the tares
Fear of the dross

Fear of sex
Fear of marriage

Fear of the plough
Fear of the blues

Fear of Osiris
Fear of the pearls en his girdle
Fear of his fuse

Fear of a meaningful catechism
Fear of water being drawn

Fear of stars
Fear of cars

Of the strangest fruit

© LogosVox 2014