The Ballad of Tyshawn Lee

Little boy
Dead & gone
Tyshawn Lee

The chi-streets of Chi-town
Do not burn 4 thee
(& they nev’r will)

4 Black boys like you
Tyshawn Lee

Black boys
Who are born w/ a tin-plated spoon
En the wrong city
En the wrong skin

Black boys
Who are taught how 2 hustle & lie low (much too soon)
When there are bags of junk on the kitchen table
& stolen guns en the front room

Black boys like you
Tyshawn Lee
Who take the wrong way home

The wrong way
On the wrong daye
On the wrooong side of town

Ya see, 4 Black boys like you

Black boys
Dead & gone

The chi-streets
Do not burn

& 4 Black boys like you
They nev’r will

© LogosVox 2015


Paris Thirteen

Corruption has found its way
Ento the Black Stone

Much innocent blood has been spilt

As Western leaders deliberate
And their countrymen tilt

A city of lights
Is a city under siege

The Palace of Peace
Is a palace out of reach

Make no mistake,
The armies of Darkness and
The armies of Light are at war

Welcome, nonbelievers,
2 the Breach

©  LogosVox 2015