A Hymn 2 the Seeker

En darkness &
En ignorance,
Let the bullets fly

Let their murmurs placate the sufferings of Perdition
Let their cries permeate, then shatter the City of Dis

Verily, ye need not travel that way ev’r again
Verily, ye need not be counted amongst the Dead

As thou wert born 4 mightier things

Neither sustenance
Nor liberation
Did its labors offer thee

Only wretchedness,
Degradation, & sin!

Its devices did not mean thee well
Its laurels did not become thy brow

As thou wert born 4 mightier things

Hark! A match has been struck
A pan of oil lit . . .

Bless-ed be! God’s kiln awaits thee
Ev’ry bone / Ev’ry measure of flesh
Shall not satisfy Him

He’ll want MORE
He’ll demand MORE

The Way without a way
Does not come cheap


Divine Right,
Divine Truth, & Kinghood!
2 these art thou a rightful heir

As thou wert born 4 Brahma-Vada
As thou wert born 4 mightier things
As thou wert born 2 drink wine, Soma

From the mouth of God


© LogosVox 2013


A Hymn of Light & Resurrection

These dayes need not be dayes of darkness
             dayes that smite asunder
The heads of pale blue Roses

So let us behold Ourselves,
The Other, and the World with new eyes

Let us seed the Estates of  Saint Lucia
Let us hit the mark & create the Cosmos anew

Let us behold what is Divine en the World
Let us behold what is Divine en the Other and, most importantly,
Let us behold what is Divine en Ourselves

And when we do   .   .   .

Ev’ry gesture of cruelty
Ev’ry callous shrug & careless word

Ev’ry punch thrown
Ev’ry poison-tipped arrow
Shall fall short at our feet

So, let us love
& love brazenly

Let us sing
& sing fearlessly

Let us be Kings
Let us be Queens
En the Palace of God

Let us be radiant
& shine like glory, shine
Like ev’ry star en the Heav’ns


© LogosVox 2012

A Hymn of Divine Love & Desire

En a royal garten
Of beads & strings
. . . the simplest of the simplest things

More than enough 4 the honest Soul
Whose choice desire it is 2 lie en the bosom of Abraham
And bask en the splendor of Grace

2 sit at the table of God,
Smell the truffle oil on his skin,
And caress his beautiful, star-lit face


© LogosVox 2012