The Surrender’s Hymn

Om Kali, Kali!
Om Kali, Kali!


Eye am here &
Eye beseech thee

Hoist your sword
& sweep all that presently lies prostrate at your feet

Come, Kali
& take all that is yours

Ev’ry memory
& lucid dream

Ev’ry broken promise
& lustful, meandering stream

Ev’ry dark face
Ev’ry star-lit space

Ev’ry curl
Ev’ry girl

Ev’ry gutless fear
& gallant deed

Ev’ry fair maiden’s flushed bosom
& dram of golden mead

Take it all, Kali
Take all you can carry

The smirk
The walk

The rimes &
Lavender pillow talk

Take ev’rything, Kali
Take ev’rything
Eye thought was me

These big, brown eyes
These square shoulders
Shouldering wayward wings

These hands
These miracles
These monstrous things

And please,
Do not forget the heart

Patiently, it awaits
The cruel caress of your heel

Ah! it quickens as your red tongue draws near

The splatter of blood
The clatter of skulls

Kali, eye am here
& eye surrender


Thus, take ev’rything you want
& ev’rything you need

© LogosVox 2015


The Herder’s Hymn Nr. 1

He is not the 1st Herder
Nor shall he be the last

Truly, the bones have been thrown;
The royal die cast

And this cipher,
En the Long Ago, writ

Amid rust and decay,
The Freemen will say:

All of our dreams are shattered

Ev’ry rainbow dissolved
Ev’ry golden statue turned
Ento a heap of ashes

Woefully, the Vassals will agree:

O What despair is this?
Why is the Moon astray; the Sun adrift?

Even the clouds are broken

Unlike The Rock of The Holy See,
The Herder will not betray the man he loves
And deny thrice the cock’s crow

Once awakened,
He will awaken others and THEY
Will fill The Breach

Moreover, once awakened,
He will sing and the message eternal of his songs
Will shake the roots of the World Tree

Thou shalt not want
Thou shalt not grieve

Edin is here!
And Her Abundance
Is w/en reach

© LogosVox 2015

A Hymn of Atonement Pt.1

4  20Fourteen, A Clean Slate

Though the watch we assigned to the hearth
Did not guard its flame* well

Though we did not keep the butter pantry latched
And free of thieves

Though we did not keep the wine cellar door tightly closed,

The Grain Mother bestowed upon us her Wealth from the Grove

And though we were not always resolute en our Convictions
And though we were not always resolute en our Songs
And though we were not always resolute en our Work,

The Harvest Maiden bestowed upon us her Waters of Grace

(And made clean the hems of our garments
Upon the threshing room floor)



© LogosVox 2013

The Fulcrum Hymn

From the middle path, do not stray
Tho’ the array of torches that ordinarily encompass you dim

Burn, boy, burn!

Burn & keep 2 the center
Burn & be the fulcrum
Burn & the balance preserve

Burn & be the bless-ed brow that shines en the dark
Burn & these things en heaven & earth will not fall apart

Burn, boy, burn!


Dayes & Nites spent avoiding the snares of Hell when it is unavoidable and quite
desirable. How else are we going to earn our Buddhahood, our Christhood? How
else are we going to draw slag or temper mettle? Petition, no, demand that
your gods set you ablaze.


© LogosVox 2012