Reflections, Revelations

What hadj must you endure? What stone, dress? What horde of shades needs 2 swarm your fortress at dusk? What lover’s red garter must you carry, clinched b’tween your teeth? What lies must rust? {One-Beat Pause} What burden needs 2 be shouldered? What guilt, relinquished? What mystery must you seek And charge, keep? Woe my […]

Bread & Circuses (TwentyThirteen)

Be not distracted by the zebra’s bray Be not distracted by the cacophony of the market place And the harsh glare of its electric light Be not distracted by the glamor of the wordsmith (His impeccable use of line, rhythm, and metaphor) Be not distracted by his satyr conjuring And visions of the fantastic {Fingercymbals […]