Soma from the Well: C.G. Jung

All steps forward in the improvement of the human psyche have been paid for by blood. Meanwhile [today] everybody teaches everybody, and nobody seems to realize the necessity that the way to improvement begins right in himself. It is almost too simple a truth. Everybody is on the lookout for organizations and techniques, where one can follow the other and where things can be done safely in company.

C.G. Jung / Jung & Hesse 



N.B.  Verily, one must enter the dark wood at its darkest point;
And one must enter alone.

– Valentino Santi



En the aftermath,
Ashes remain

Alongside numbness
And the lack of will 2 do what is right, decent, and just

As does a forge of queries
When the beast rears its head

Are we too far gone 4 Mercy 2 find us?
Are we too far gone 4 Grace 2 guide us?

Are we too far gone 4 Love 2 take root   .   .   .

En this desert of ours?
En this garten of ours?
En the width of this chest of ours?

© The Herder 20Seventeen