Soma from the Well: C.G. Jung

All steps forward in the improvement of the human psyche have been paid for by blood. Meanwhile [today] everybody teaches everybody, and nobody seems to realize the necessity that the way to improvement begins right in himself. It is almost too simple a truth. Everybody is on the lookout for organizations and techniques, where one can follow the other and where things can be done safely in company.

C.G. Jung / Jung & Hesse 



N.B.  Verily, one must enter the dark wood at its darkest point;
And one must enter alone.

– Valentino Santi


Reflections, Revelations

What hadj must you endure?
What stone, dress?

What horde of shades needs 2 swarm your fortress at dusk?
What lover’s red garter must you carry, clinched b’tween your teeth?
What lies must rust?

{One-Beat Pause}

What burden needs 2 be shouldered?
What guilt, relinquished?

What mystery must you seek
And charge, keep?
Woe my soul! What more must this Life do 2 thee?

{One-Beat Pause}

What marvel must occur?
What catastrophe needs 2 befall?
4 you 2 stir?
4 you 2 break free
Of your walking slumber?

{Two-Beat Pause}

What will it take 4 u 2 smear the grease paint
And realise, at your core, the thing you essentially are?

What spool needs unraveling?

What needle needs 2 be spun
Until you grasp the import of the Work
And why, hastily, it must be done?

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