At-one-ment (4 20Eighteen)

En the year of the Heretic*
En the year of Ganga’s Descent
En the year of the Wolf-Skin

At-one-ment beckons

Keep still!

Keep still
And you are bound 2 feel
(At the base of your spine
Where Sri Ganesh lies content)
Her sharp, pitch-black claws

Keep Still!

Keep still
And you are bound 2 hear
(From the Kingdom of God within)
Her impassionate cry
Her sound unstruck

En the year of the Grazing Whyte Buffalo
En the year of the New Bloodfat Moon
En the year of the Gateman’s Sable Chapeau

Take heed
And do not tarry

Cords of silver
Wings of gold

Need not be wary
Need not carry
The weight of worlds that arrive b’fore them

Do as u were told!

Do what is best 4 your garten
Do what is best 4 your soul

Rid your throat of obstructions
Rid your raiment of desecrations
Rid your boot heels of holes

[Our Lady Of Loreto Aside.]
Stop leaking! Stop leaking faith!
Stop leaking what has been gratuitously bestowed!
Stop leaking light! Stop leaking grace!

And sing that refrain which is closest 2 your heart,

There is only Brahman
There is only The Transcendent

There is only Becoming
There is only The Absolute

There is only Consciousness
There is only The Highest Good

There is only
The Divine

* Not what the proponents of scarcity want you to think;
Therefore, put away your dogma
And break your chains at their weakest link.

© The Herder 20Eighteen


Soma from the Well: Sri Aurobindo

It is not sufficient to worship Krishna, Christ or Buddha without, if there is not the revealing and the formation of the Buddha, the Christ or Krishna in ourselves.

Sri Aurobindo / Gems from Sri Aurobindo


Rebirth (A Spiritual Pop Song 4 Twenty-Fifteen)

2 be reborn
Ento the finer Life

Not a life of baubles, trinkets, & gold-leaf rings
But a quiet Life closer 2 the Hearth,
The Dam of AllThings

A life fine like gossamer
A life splitting like the crow of a cockerel coming

Ento his
Tempestuous own


2 breathe the purple aire
En that place the Ordinary
Does not dare


2 sing loudly, clearly
En a voice lifted by wings

2 be rid of compulsions
2 be rid of strings

2 be guided by the glow of enterior stars
& travel under the cloud of one’s own steam

{Two-Beat Pause}

2 stand nude on Mama’s porch
As dawn breaks & blue lotuses open

2 Love w/out distinction
& 4give w/out limit

Unswayed by
That Which Is Not

2 be reborn
Ento the finer Life

Why else would one 4go the armor of athousand Fathers
& leave the heart vulnerable 2 attack?

Why else would one shed the skin & silk of athousand Mothers
& resign one’s ego to the mirror’s candid glower?

Scars, weak spots, dull eyes, tremulous hands, & dead flowers

Why else would one brave
A bitter, guilt-ridden sea of private shadows?

Why else would one sing a plaintive aria
Knowingly off-key?

Why else,

© LogosVox 2015

Reflections, Revelations

What hadj must you endure?
What stone, dress?

What horde of shades needs 2 swarm your fortress at dusk?
What lover’s red garter must you carry, clinched b’tween your teeth?
What lies must rust?

{One-Beat Pause}

What burden needs 2 be shouldered?
What guilt, relinquished?

What mystery must you seek
And charge, keep?
Woe my soul! What more must this Life do 2 thee?

{One-Beat Pause}

What marvel must occur?
What catastrophe needs 2 befall?
4 you 2 stir?
4 you 2 break free
Of your walking slumber?

{Two-Beat Pause}

What will it take 4 u 2 smear the grease paint
And realise, at your core, the thing you essentially are?

What spool needs unraveling?

What needle needs 2 be spun
Until you grasp the import of the Work
And why, hastily, it must be done?

© LogosVox 2013