Declaration and Demands

[Seated At A Cherrywood Desk En His Uncle’s Tuscan Villa,
The Divine Messenger Puts His Bamboo Quill 2 A Blank Sepia Page.

En A Writing Vox, Born Of Love And Courage, He Authors A Declaration
And Then A Litany Of Demands On The Present World And Its Amoral Pantheon.]

WE choose 2 not defile our spirits with your political bodies
WE choose 2 not be the building stones of an economic bastille
That will enevitably call upon us 2 smith shackles 4 our brothers
And then ourselves

WE choose 2 not do this
WE choose 2 not lie, cheat, and steal
WE choose 2 not have our spirits brought 2 heal

WE choose 2 not fear our neighbor
2 not envy his happiness
2 not covet his dame

WE choose 2 not walk blindly
2 not be blind

WE choose 2 not shed another precious drop of blood
4 the brutes en suits
And striped silk ties

WE choose 2 not covet the purse of our countrymen
WE choose 2 not hoard the pantry’s Ghee
When WE know there are Paupers and Pros who need it most

WE choose 2 not demonise
WE choose 2 not hate
WE choose 2 not be the willing (or unwilling) host
Of an ill-conceived and misanthropic fate

WE choose

This here!
This here!

{Two-Beat Pause}

WE choose Beauty o’er Fashion
WE choose Resolve o’er Blame

WE choose Thalia o’er Scarcity
WE choose Bliss o’er Fame


WE, the Seekers and Sowers of The Aesthetics Underground,
Demand a great healing 4 a world terribly sick

A world w/out oil (4 the lantern’s wick)
A world w/out flow

A world w/out light
A world w/out soul

{One-Beat Pause}

A world w/out poise
A world w/out rarefied aire
(4 the Righteous 2 breathe)

A world w/out maidens,
Tall, blonde, and irresistibly fair
(Much too fair 4 Love’s Rogue 2 leave)


WE demand Prometheus be unbound
WE demand Atlas be given wings
WE demand Medusa be adored (4 the divinity she is)

WE demand the right of our Heav’nly Grandmother’s apron pouch
2 house a bevy of otherworldly things:

Golden Apples,
Figs and Almonds and Pomegranate Seeds!

WE demand a new Garten 4 Adonis
And a new grazing Skye 4 Apollo’s fiery steeds

WE demand that Mercy like Misery
Be given the freedom 2 walk stride 4 stride

From dusk ‘til morn
From tide 2 tide

{Two-Beat Pause}

WE demand that ev’ry Prince and Princess born
Be granted the means 2 re-di-rect their personal lot

WE demand an arrow thru ev’ry heart
And a shakti 4 ev’ry maverick, en the thicket, caught


WE, the Seekers and Sowers of The Aesthetics Underground,
Demand a great healing 4 a world terribly sick

Sick of Sorrow
Sick of Ignorance

Sick of Tyranny
Sick of Pain

Sick of Division

Sick, sick, sick
. . . at heart

© The Herder 20Seventeen


New Atlantis / Darkness

New Atlantis

En this Age of Degeneration
En this Age of Iron

New Atlantis burns
And its citizenry is under siege
By vandals who have sworn 2 their liege,

Stables and ramparts
Of stained glass and carbon steel shall fall!

New Atlantis burns
And its barrister kings,

Content w/ excessive posturing
Content w/ feeding souls 2 their respective Machines

Content w/ nitely, red carpet flings
Content w/ political correctness and political bombast,

The talk-show rounds (from Ellen 2 Fallon)
So as 2 speak upon a million more meaningless things

And pose handsomely 4 portraits on the Capital steps
While the core of New Atlantis nears ruin
And the clamor of a folk, uncertain of the future, grows frantic

A folk burdened w/ contraction (imposed from w/ out)
A folk burdened w/ social anxieties
A folk burdened w/ economic woe

A folk
Whose true identities and rebellious spirits
Are fetter’d,
Caged by the worst who rule
                 the worst who worship at the iron hem
Of Scarcity’s life-negating dogma

A folk under siege
A folk whose whyte picket dreams
Are deemed decadent by a heartless villain en Arabian green

{Two-Beat Pause}

A folk under siege
Because they are queer

A folk under siege
Because they dare 2 show u their tits

A folk under siege
Because they are the sons and daughters of David
                             the sons and daughters of a brash
Warrior and king

A folk under siege
Because they venerate The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law

A folk under siege
Because they are wholly free of this notion of a personal God

A folk under siege
Because they choose 2 love
Ev’ry grain of sand below and
Ev’ry cloud above

A folk under siege
Because they choose 2 step ento the Jordan
And take The Good Shepherd’s hand

New Atlantis, ruled by the worst, burns
So the clamor of a folk is not heard
(As the vandals loot the square and salt the land)

Alas! The worst who rule ask u
2 put away yur Bibles
2 put away yur guns
2 be more tolerant; and 4get
What Grandma toldja
About what’s right and what’s wrong

It is quite an invitation
It is quite an opening
(4 the advent of darkness)


May the Pillars of Creation be merciful!
This, we cry 2 no avail
When a churning tide of ink arrives at our Palace doors

And the darkness it bears seizes the opportunity
2 disquiet our faith, poison our innermost being,
And assault our senses w/ true horror

Again and again, the darkness finds us
When our third eye is closed and
           our talisman is down

Again and again, the darkness finds us
Where we are weakest, slowest 2 respond
Where we are most vulnerable and open
2 the wielding of clubs and casting of stones

Again and again, the darkness finds us
When we forsake
All that is beautiful
All that is generous
All that is strong
All that is kind and eager 2 4give

En favor of Māra’s fetching daughters
En favor of DEATH

En favor of machines and machinations
En favor of one last disparaging breath

B’fore the peach tree is revealed
And the charge of LOVE is rightfully fulfilled

Again and again, the darkness finds us and
Again and again, we cry 2 no avail

© The Herder 2016