Soma from the Well: C.G. Jung

All steps forward in the improvement of the human psyche have been paid for by blood. Meanwhile [today] everybody teaches everybody, and nobody seems to realize the necessity that the way to improvement begins right in himself. It is almost too simple a truth. Everybody is on the lookout for organizations and techniques, where one can follow the other and where things can be done safely in company.

C.G. Jung / Jung & Hesse 



N.B.  Verily, one must enter the dark wood at its darkest point;
And one must enter alone.

– Valentino Santi


Soma from the Well: William James

The spiritual in man appears in the mind-cure philosophy as partly conscious, but chiefly subconscious; and through the subconscious part of it we are already one with the Divine without any miracle of grace, or abrupt creation of a new inner man. As this view is variously expressed by different writers, we find in it traces of Christian mysticism, of transcendental idealism, of Vedantism, and of the modern psychology of the subliminal self.

William James / The Varieties of Religious Experience


Soma from the Well: Krishnamurti

Revolution is only possible now, not in the future; regeneration is to-day,
not to-morrow . . . A man who relies on time as a means through which he can gain happiness or realize truth or God is merely deceiving himself . . .

Krishnamurti / The First and Last Freedom