Message 2 the Seekers and Sowers

The Supreme Goal
Is 2 see The Divine, The Absolute,
The Brahman en ev’ryone and ev’rything.

Good Luck!



Soma from the Well: Sri Aurobindo

It is not sufficient to worship Krishna, Christ or Buddha without, if there is not the revealing and the formation of the Buddha, the Christ or Krishna in ourselves.

Sri Aurobindo / Gems from Sri Aurobindo



The loses and regrets en this Life
We bravely endure w/ the perfect poise of a paladin

We do not mind the hard blows 2 the gut (even when they arrive en bunches)
We do not mind the sword when it is driven, hilt-deep, ento the upper thigh
We do not mind the occasional port-wine bruise spilt across the cheek
Or, swollen shut, the blackened left eye

Indeed, what really finds its way beneath our mail of chain
And digs at the bone
Are the little deaths

The ending of storms
                      of forms

                      of places far-off
                      and loved ones dear

O! How easy it is 4 the sage
2 stand on high
And, with much fanfare, proclaim the cause of suffering

O! How easy it is 4 him (or her)
2 sing rapturously off key

Do not cling / All is Fleeting
Do not cling / All is Impermanence
Do not cling / All is Mara

Bound 4 the bin


The business of Death is death

Whose works are fearsome and wonderful and
Whose goal, a lofty one (2 be sure)

Is 2 dispense, by all means of cruelty, upon the soulful,
The boon of The Hero’s Resolve

{Fingercymbals – Twice}

The resolve 2 realise The Divine en the corporeal
And draw, from stone, tides of compassion

The resolve 2 reach ento this net of sorrow
And wrest darkly, from its gems, a golden flower of Paradise

{One-Beat Pause}

The resolve 2 be reborn, reborn from the ashes of The Great Kiln
And become a human incarnation of all that is and all that will ever be

© LogosVox 2013

A Hymn 2 the Seeker

En darkness &
En ignorance,
Let the bullets fly

Let their murmurs placate the sufferings of Perdition
Let their cries permeate, then shatter the City of Dis

Verily, ye need not travel that way ev’r again
Verily, ye need not be counted amongst the Dead

As thou wert born 4 mightier things

Neither sustenance
Nor liberation
Did its labors offer thee

Only wretchedness,
Degradation, & sin!

Its devices did not mean thee well
Its laurels did not become thy brow

As thou wert born 4 mightier things

Hark! A match has been struck
A pan of oil lit . . .

Bless-ed be! God’s kiln awaits thee
Ev’ry bone / Ev’ry measure of flesh
Shall not satisfy Him

He’ll want MORE
He’ll demand MORE

The Way without a way
Does not come cheap


Divine Right,
Divine Truth, & Kinghood!
2 these art thou a rightful heir

As thou wert born 4 Brahma-Vada
As thou wert born 4 mightier things
As thou wert born 2 drink wine, Soma

From the mouth of God


© LogosVox 2013

The Next Rabbit Hole

The Mead Drinker drinks. He drinks with the Goddess Saga secretly at her sunken bench. He drinks, gets drunk, disorients his senses and, if he is fortunate, is granted an audience with the Stars; namely, the resident Energies of the darkly lit Collective Unconscious. His existence is a tragic one as he is forever subject to their capricious temperament. They may choose on any given day to bestow upon him lyrical boons, visions, and wisdom worthy of Asgard or they may choose to rebuff his advances and withhold their gifts, leaving his heart and quill lifeless and cold. The Herder herds; he is the “Smasher of the Enclosure [or Obstacle]. He is the “Opener of The Way” and it is along this way, this path, that he guides the aforementioned Stars. Once hidden in the Collective Unconscious, these Energies follow the music of The Herder’s staff into a province of light, wakefulness, and recognition; namely, the Conscious Mind – HIS Conscious Mind – wherein The Herder freely and openly wields these Energies via inspired reason and creative logic. Foregoing the need for and use of intoxication, The Herder’s heart and quill are never cold and lifeless but are always fervent and fierce. One with The Divine, he fathoms deeply and truly the Upanishadic expression, Tat Tvam Asi.